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Here is a quick cheat sheet that shows all of the Big Ten teams' divisions with conference rankings for the 2016 season. Also check out the drop down and compare the West to the East for the year's bowl wins and team invites.

West Teams

Big 10 Team Division
Penn State 1st
Ohio State 2nd
Michigan 3rd
Indiana 4th
Maryland 5th
MSU 6th
Rutgers 7th

East Teams

Big 10 Team Division
Wisconsin 1st
Iowa 2nd
Nebraska 3rd
Minnesota 4th
Northwestern 5th
Illinois 6th
Purdue 7th

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AP Poll 2016

College Football Rankings - Postseason

School Rank Points Conference
Clemson 1 1500 ACC-Atlantic
Alabama 2 1440 SEC-West
USC 3 1292 Pac 12-South
Washington 4 1277 Pac 12-North
Oklahoma 5 1252 Big 12
Ohio State 6 1240 Big 10-East
Penn State 7 1130 Big 10-East
Florida State 8 1105 ACC-Atlantic
Wisconsin 9 1032 Big 10-West
Michigan 10 1001 Big 10-West
Oklahoma State 11 920 Big 12
Stanford 12 730 Pac 12-North
LSU 13 651 SEC-West
Florida 14 640 SEC-East
Western Michigan 15 619 MAC-West
Virginia Tech 16 610 ACC-Coastal
Colorado 17 585 Pac 12-South
West Virginia 18 368 Big 12
South Florida 19 358 American Athletic-East
Miami 20 338 ACC-Coastal
Louisville 21 277 ACC-Atlantic
Tennessee 22 253 SEC-East
Utah 23 222 Pac 12-South
Auburn 24 206 SEC-West
San Diego State 25 113 MW-West

Big 10 Averages

Keep up with your team averages in points per game, points allowed, passing yards, and rushing yards. Here you can compare and contrast all Big Ten teams and the numbers they averaged for the 2016 season.

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Big 10 East

Here are all of the wins and losses from the 2016 season.

Big 10 West

Here are all of the wins and losses from the 2016 season.

Big Ten 2016 recap

Over the 2016 season the Big Ten had four teams that made the top 25 AP final poll. Ohio State ranked 6th followed by Penn State ranking at 7th; Wisconsin was in 9th place followed in 10th place by Michigan. The AP Top 25 is determined by a simple points system based on how each voter ranks college football's best teams. There were also ten teams from the Big Ten to compete in the 2016 bowl games such as Wisconsin(W), Northwestern(W), Nebraska(L), Iowa(L) and Minnesota(W) for the West and Indiana(L), Penn State(L), Ohio State(L), Michigan(L), and Maryland(L) for the East.

Ohio State

The top Big Ten team, Ohio State, seemed to be the best team for the 2016 season with an 11-2 overall record and a win of the Big Ten Title. They had a PV rank of 1,240 (2) and were ranked 6th overall in the College Football Postseason Top 25.


Here is a brief history of the beginning of the conference and some football notes.

  • 1895-2016

    The Beginning

    The start of the Big Ten goes back 120 years to the Palmer House Hotel in Chicago. There on Jan.11, 1895, Purdue President James H. Smart and leaders from the University of Chicago, University of Illinois, University of Michigan, University of Minnesota, Northwestern University and University of Wisconsin, met to organize and develop principles for the regulation of their intercollegiate athletics.

  • Team History

    There have been a total of 15 teams that have been part of the Big Ten Conference over the course of 120 years. A total of seven teams started the Big Ten in 1896, which would be Illinois, Minnesota, Chicago, Northwestern, Purdue, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Chicago would leave the conference in 1946. Michigan would leave in 1907, but returned in 1917. The next two teams to join in 1899 were Indiana and Iowa, and Ohio state joined in 1912. Michigan State became part of the conference in 1950 and Penn State in 1990. The last teams to join were Nebraska in 2011, and Maryland and Rutger both joined in 2014.

  • Conference Name

    The Big Ten also had the names of Western Conference and Big Nine Conference. The Western Conference was the first name that was chosen in 1896, and it changed to the Big Nine in 1899. The conference name would not change to the Big Ten until February 1917, and it has stayed the same since.

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